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Puerto Rico Relief Effort Our Mission

The Puerto Rico Relief Effort is a non-profit organization recently established to target the specific needs of Puerto Ricans suffering in the wake of hurricane Maria, particularly in the hard to reach area of Rincon and its surrounding areas.

The Effort

We are coordinating our relief effort with an existing Puerto Rico 501(c))(3) charity on whose Board of Directors Bill & Maria (the event sponsors) currently serve. To respect the specific objectives of this effort we have established a separate bank account. The charity has already orchestrated and completed its first shipment of humanitarian relief to the island right after the hurricane hit. We are in direct contact with people in Rincon and its surrounding areas so we know what the hurricane victims currently need. We are also working with local businesses who have set up distribution centers and can get our relief shipments to the people who are in need of it most. Our effort goes above and beyond the current U.S. FEMA response effort which is primarily geared towards providing basic human needs: water and food. To this end we are looking to charter a large cargo plane capable of carrying 7,500 pounds of essential items including batteries, flashlights, lanterns, generators, water filtration/ purification systems and tarps just to name a few.

The Fund Raiser

We are hopeful to raise $100,000. To kick off our campaign, we are holding a charity event this Saturday November 4th sponsored by Gallery 211 in Miami Beach Florida. The gallery has collaborated with Puerto Rico born artist Andrew Antonaccio, a prominent figure in Miami’s urban art scene, who has volunteered to create a limited edition series print for the event symbolizing what has happened to his homeland. All donations of $300 or more will receive one of these limited edition prints but please don’t let that stop you from donating less (or more). Corporate sponsors donating $10,000 or more will receive the original (limited to 4). All donations are tax deductible and, most importantly, the campaign will be matching all donations 1 for 1 so every dollar donated will have two dollars of humanitarian relief buying power!

Please join us in making a real time positive impact on this devastated area and watch your donations go to work by following our effort on the web and social media @artgallery211

Donations can be made using the following methods of payment:

Paypal and Credit Cards please click the "Donate" button at top of page

Wire Instructions: 

Bank:       Banco Popular

Address:  HC1 Box 4749, Rincon PR 00677

ABA:         021502011

Account:  087348861

Name:      Defensa Maria Relief Fund



Please make checks payable to “Defensa Maria Relief Fund” and send to Bill Roy at 100 South Pointe Drive Miami Beach Fl 33139, Unit 2301

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