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Gallery 211 is a private client, by-appointment art dealership and consultancy based in the Sunset Harbour neighborhood in Miami Beach, Florida. Gallery 211 is collector-oriented and assists in developing collections of deep personal meaning of art enthusiasts, as well as established art collectors, yet maintaining a focus on long term growth. 


Gallery 211 sells art that it believes in, blue chip artists with long term growth prospects whose profile is researched and analyzed thoroughly. The company specializes in street and urban art and focuses on the renowned street artist Banksy. Gallery 211 also represents and promotes up-and-coming artists and offers a unique and cultural experience of art purchase by organizing public and private events.

A B O U T  U S

P R O V I D I N G   F U L L  

S E R V I C E  

S O L U T I O N S  

F O R   A L L  
Y O U R   
A R T   N E E D S

Gallery 211 specializes in curating unique and custom collections tailored to our client's preferences and/or project needs. Each piece is carefully chosen and inspected based on rigorous standards to ensure client satisfaction. 

  • ​Commercial and private rental of original pieces and prints

  • Art consulting customized to assist you in building or adding to your established art collection

  • Art investment solutions for businesses and private individuals


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