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Coming to Miami: Private dreams in public spaces

Nu Som is Sandrine Lee latest project; a character identified as a human creature born on earth at the end of the 20th century currently still roaming the surface at random...

Nu Some nude by Sandrine Lee Photographer

Camera on the tripod, 10 Seconds set on the timer and a public place where she can be alone.

This ethereal and unusual collection of 200 photographs shot around in the world, in both black and white and color, presents the artist's ongoing project that is an experiment in privacy and freedom. Using the world's public spaces as backdrop, the artist has removed all clothes and placed herself into landscapes and cityscapes to question the issue of what is private and what is public.

Nu Some buke nudescape by Sabrina Lee

The result is shocking not because the subject is nude, but because of the seamless way in which her body fits into these environments without interruption, almost eliminating the divide between public and private. The fact that these photographs even exist is something of a miracle. The work is filled with contradictions and unexpected experiences for the reader.

Nudescapes private dreams book by Nu Some Sandrine Lee

Never before published in book form, and seen only rarely in exhibition spaces, these very distinctive and beautiful photographs, when seen together, offer the question of what is private and what is public, and how those distinctions impact personal and group freedoms. Emotionally evocative and artistically elegant, this totally original work beckons all investigators of humanity's place in the universe.

Do not miss the Artist Reception Book Signing & Discussion with Photographer Autor Nu Som in Miami. Contact us here for more information about the event & Nudescapes Book.

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